Facebook Event Page for Your Wedding: Practical or Tacky?

Communication, Guestboard, Wedding Planning / Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Social media has become an integral part of the way we communicate and no platform is quite as successful as Facebook. In 2018, the number of Facebook users in the United States alone is expected to reach over 207 million. Accessibility, easy sharing options, and multiple capabilities make Facebook the go-to for everything from memes to social activism. But what about weddings?

Many newly-engaged couples consider using Facebook for some portion of planning their wedding– whether for simply gathering people’s mailing addresses or for using instead of a wedding website. However, others view Facebook as a tacky solution to the problem, and far too casual of a format for something as important as a wedding.

So which camp is right?

Let’s dig into reasons some couples might want to create a Facebook wedding invitation….and some easy alternatives to achieve the same, or better, results.

facebook event page for weddings
Facebook’s newest event page layout, as of Feb 2018

You want guests to feel informed

Guests can be needy. Sometimes they simply want clarification on a detail of the event, other times they simply want to express their excitement. Either way, answering questions, especially for a larger wedding, can get overwhelming.

Setting up an event page on Facebook is attractive for some, because you can post information to reach all your guests– meaning it’s less likely that different people will be asking the same questions over and over again.  Maybe you have updates that didn’t make it on the mailed invitation (or weren’t important enough to risk cluttering up your gorgeous invitation design!)

Unfortunately, with the popularity of Facebook comes a flood of daily notifications, messages, and ads that have nothing to do with your wedding event, so there’s a good chance your event page and posts will get lost in “the abyss” of the Facebook world.

The fact of the matter is, Facebook is becoming too cluttered and busy for most people to pay attention, and the events section is hard to find!

facebook event listing hard to find

As an alternative,  Guestboard offers a central message board specifically designed for wedding guests, and any posts/updates that are tagged as important can be automatically emailed to all guests (whether they are active in Guestboard or not!).

You want guests to be able to interact ahead of the wedding

Maybe you’re inviting people from all different parts of your life and worried no one will know each other. Or, you KNOW they’ll have a blast together and want them to start the conversation early.

In any case, a Facebook event for a wedding is tempting, because it provides a way for guests to introduce themselves in the discussion section, if they are inclined, and look through the invitation list to get a feel for who’ll be there.

We surveyed over 800 wedding guests and learned that knowing who else is invited is the number one request of wedding guests. It allows them to confidently reach out to other friends inside (or outside) their circles when planning things like flights, hotels, and more. This avoids the dreaded “Oh, I didn’t know you weren’t invited. Maybe it’s still in the mail!” conversation.

Feeling Left Out

Of course, as popular as Facebook is, it’s very possible not everyone will have an account, or they simply don’t check Facebook anymore. And in recent updates, the discussion section has taken a back seat in Facebook’s design– something that’s important for your guests!

facebook page discussion at the bottom

Guestboard puts the guest conversation front and center with an organized forum format– encouraging interaction and the sharing of helpful information like hotel deals and schedule clarifications.  Important announcement? Make a separate thread so you know it stays in sight.  And as a bride or groom, you can easily allow your attendees to view the entire guest list.

You want a convenient and casual planning solution

Facebook is just easy, isn’t it?  If not for their whole wedding, many couples have used Facebook events for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and more. It’s easy to invite people to join, and far more convenient and organized than endless text message chains or lengthy emails.

Couples have used apps like WhatsApp or Groupme for bridesmaid and groomsman messaging, but once you get over 7 or 8 members, the push notifications start to get.. a little crazy. And because they are a standard chat format, key information can get lost “up-screen” as the messages come through. And what about the rest of your guests?

So a message board like a Facebook event/group seems like the most accommodating and intuitive, but why isn’t it used more often?

When Casual gets too casual…

The very reason some couples steer away from setting up an event page on Facebook is the very thing that draws other couples in.  Perhaps because so many people have used it for everything from bake sales to college parties, Facebook events just feel a little too… everyday… to be using for a once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding.  

If you’re looking to step into the 21st century to ease the headache of wedding planning, but want a more sophisticated and private set up, Guestboard is here to help. Because it’s specifically designed for weddings, you’ll avoid the clutter of Facebook, making it more exclusive, private, and appropriate for all of your guests!

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