How to use Guestboard for Your Next Music Festival Weekend

Guestboard, Music Festivals / Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Friends, festival season is upon us. As much as we all would love just to show up and jam, that’s not quite the case.

Planning out your chic festival outfits shouldn’t be the only musical festival planning that you do. You need to get all the details sorted, right? Especially if your group is camping!

Here’s how to make the most out of Guestboard for heading to your next music festival:

music festival group

Rally the Troops

Whether it is your first time at a music festival or you are you a music festival veteran whose crew is getting bigger and bigger every year, the first step is to get everyone on the same page, literally.

Organize the entire festival squad in one central location with Guestboard. Create your free event and easily send invites to all those interested in attending the music festival. They’ll receive a personalized link and will be taken directly to the event where they can join the group for the discussions and planning, and also peep who else is coming.

Guestboard guest tags

Each member of your group can give themselves a tagline to let others know who they are, or what they’re all about 🙂
Violà—you’ve got the festival crew in one place! And you can add any stragglers in the click of a button (or just give them the link!)

Hit the High Notes

Will you be camping or getting comfy in an Airbnb? How will you get to the festival? With Guestboard’s Chat widget or Message board (for larger groups), you can easily keep all your important conversation focused and under one roof. This can include every nitty-gritty detail from flight information to accommodations to a musical festival packing checklist. This means no more annoying email chains or endless group texts!

Speaking of checklists, your crew can also use the Checklist feature to create an interactive way to see who is in charge of bringing what– such as camping gear, food items, coolers, etc.

Guestboard Checklist widget

Guestboard’s Collaborative Checklist widget

Don’t Miss A Beat

Keep everyone up-to-date on where to be and at what time with the schedule. That means no missed rides or missed gigs. It’s especially useful if your friends are flung all across the country and may be arriving at different times. Or, if you have a large festival crew who have different interests, it allows each person to be able to pick and choose what activities they want to attend.

Link Up

Guestboard makes it a breeze to share any and all ideas. On the right-hand side of your event, you’ll notice
the Shared Resources bar– a convenient spot to share links and images to the entire group, all stored in an easy-to-view location. Possible resources you might want to share are the festival’s set list, any Google docs you use, a link to the Airbnb listing, or your favorite greasy diner to stop at on the way home.

music festival

Ready to get started?

Click here to create your group event board and enjoy a better festival planning experience ?

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