How Much Money Should I Spend On a Wedding Gift?

Featured, Guest Resources / Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

It’s a question nearly every guest wonders and few feel comfortable asking: just how much should you spent on a wedding gift?
Most guests worry about giving too little, but either way, worrying about the cost alone can make getting a wedding gift an obstacle to enjoying the day. With all the expenses that go into attending a wedding–from transportation to booking a hotel to attire, some guests even decide not to attend the wedding at all.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. First, consider recommending the bride/groom use Guestboard and it’s exclusive deals so the wedding guests can save some cash. After that, we’ve laid out some guidelines below for how much to spend on a wedding gift, plus some other tips if you’re on a tight budget.

Consider the average

It’s hard to pin down exact numbers, but a survey conducted by The Knot and American Express found that most guests spent anywhere from $40 to $300, with $100 as the most commonly mentioned amount.

This amount is based on a singular guest, so if you and a partner are figuring out how much to give, you should think about doubling that figure, (or close to it).

how much cash to give a bride/groom

How close are you to the bride/ groom?

There are a number of reasons guests get invited to weddings. You might be a relative of either the bride or groom, a close friend, or colleague. It’s also possible, especially for bigger receptions, that you once knew the bride or groom but haven’t spoken in years, or that you have a distant connection (friend of a friend, etc).

While not an absolute rule, in general, direct family members will be expected to spend a bit more than acquaintances. In other words, if you aand the bride or groom are not especially close, don’t feel too bad if you have to dip below $100.

If you’re on a budget, consider a non-cash gift

A nice card and a check is a common wedding gift if you aren’t buying directly off a wedding registry. But it also keeps the focus on the cost of the gift. If you are considering a less expensive gift, buying an item may look nicer than a small check.

Tip: if you’re planning on giving a small gift, choose a gift that is personal, or has some shared meaning, between you and the couple. It could be related to how you all met, the school you went to, or a funny inside joke!

Supplement a registry gift

If there are items on the registry that are significantly under what you wanted to spend, you can always supplement a registry gift with extra money or a smaller, personal gift.

giving a wedding gift

Coordinate with other guests

A central message board like Guestboard allows you to know who else is going ahead of time–giving you more points of contact to gauge your gift amount. You can also consider grouping together to get one larger gift with two or three other people – which most times results in a higher-quality, unforgettable gift.

6. Consider Timing

Our last tip? Be realistic. Take into account what you’re already spending to attend the wedding, and how much you can afford. It’s always nice to be generous, but guests who are too caught up in a comparison game risk adding unneeded stress.
At the end of the day, the bride and groom will remember you enjoying their day with them, and maybe a personalized card, more than how much you spent on their wedding gift.

Our last tip will save you a lot of headaches. Financial ones, at least. Being a part of a wedding is expensive as it is. There’s no reason for the bachelor party to break everyone’s banks. Besides splitting costs, look for local deals; some places will also offer group discounts. If you’re part of a wedding that uses Guestboard, you have access to one-click deals, which will score you discounts on everything from transportation to accommodations to restaurants and more.

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