Planning A Girl’s Weekend: How Guestboard Can Help

Communication, Featured, Group Travel / Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Getting away is always a good idea—especially if it’s for a long-awaited girl’s weekend. But before you pack your best floppy hat and sunnies and whisk yourself off to the airport, the planning has got to start somewhere.

Spontaneity is great when it comes to a girl’s trip, but a little bit of planning might mean the difference between scoring a gem of an Airbnb or finding yourself in the middle of nowhere without accommodation for the night. And while free time to wander should be built into every trip, wandering too aimlessly without a game plan can leave the group feeling like they are wasting their precious vacation time. So, what do you do?

Enter Guestboard, where an easy-to-use centralized messaging board helps to take all the stress out of planning your time away with the girls. Simply invite your girlfriends to the event, and it’s all hands on deck—everyone can contribute to the conversation and planning, and it’s all hashed out without the nuisance of annoying group text messages or long email chains.

Here are some of the best ways Guestboard can help to plan the most fantastic weekend getaway with your girlfriends—go on, you deserve it.

guestboard app for a girls getaway

Topic Threads For The Win

Guestboard lets you easily organize different topics to chat about with your girlfriends by organizing them into separate threads. Make individual threads to cover the nitty-gritty details like coordinating flights and rental cars and deciding on possible accommodations. Want to chat about budgets? Perfect—make one just for that. Don’t forget to add in fun threads, too, like who is in charge of bringing snacks. Nitty-gritty? No. Important nonetheless? Absolutely.

Another creative use for threads on your girl’s trip—use it for planning tunes. While it might be tempting to blare ABBA on repeat all weekend to fully get into the girl’s weekend mindset (personally, we approve), it might be refreshing to change it up a bit. Consider creating a specific entertainment thread, especially if your girl’s getaway involves a bit of road-tripping. It’s the perfect place to share ideas and opinions for your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, and playlists so you can get them downloaded ahead of time. Remember that 4G can occasionally let you down, especially when you’re getting to the good part.

women's retreat

Dude, Where’s My…

In every group, there’s always one super planner who has got it all together, and we love her for it. Guestboard has an option to upload documents and links to have them all handy in one place should something go amiss. Copies of rental agreements? Check. Downloaded maps for just-in-case? Check. Links to accommodations, dinner options, and music festival tickets? Check, check, check. Is the super planner also the type of girl who loves Excel sheets for budgeting down to the last penny? Let her budget to her heart’s desire and upload it for all the group to marvel at it.

This is one of the best types of girlfriends to have. She might be the mom of the group, but she’s a cool mom, and you should buy her a drink for all her extra efforts.

Schedule for a girls weekend

Let It Flow with a Built-in Schedule

The flow of a vacation is always important—and building out an itinerary of both planned activities and chill downtime helps to keep that flow moving right along. When traveling with a group of girls that might have varying interests and energy levels, it’s always good to have options. Some girls need time alone to recharge where others might want to be on the go the entire trip—both are perfectly OK.

With Guestboard’s clear and stylish scheduling tool, it’s easy for your girlfriends to visualize all the planned activities in one spot, suggest additional outings or ideas, and know where they can squeeze in a quick nap or two (we won’t judge).

To plan together is to stay together…

…that’s how the saying goes, isn’t it? Planning together on Guestboard helps to get all the girls on the same page from the get-go and makes everyone feel completely involved in the planning process. This sort of super-inclusive planning lets everyone share their ideas, fill in technical details, and can keep a shared budget in mind. Planning is half the fun, so everyone should have a chance to throw in their two cents.

Guestboard not only helps to build anticipation before the girl’s trip even happens, but it will also help you and your girlfriends nail that sweet spot between over-planning and under-planning.

Ready to plan your own girl’s trip? Grab your best girls and create an event.

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