⚡ Product Update: Airbnb widget is now Accommodations!

Featured, Guestboard, Product Update / Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Since it’s release, one of Guestboard‘s most popular event widgets has been the Airbnb map, offering a convenient and intuitive tool for helping guests find an available place to stay, without having to leave their event board.

We’re excited to release a big upgrade to this widget, now with a new name: Accommodations!

Are the Airbnb’s still there?

You bet. Guestboard has partnered with Montreal-based Stay22, a map-based accommodation platform, to supercharge our map. Now, you’ll find available Airbnb’s, as well as nearby hotels with live price comparisons from leading booking engines like Priceline, Travelocity, and others.

Foreign Currency

Forget those exchange rates and put away the calculator. Now included in our Accommodations map is the ability to switch currencies to match your needs.

foreign currency

How do I activate my map?

Good news– the Accommodations widget will replace any currently-activated Airbnb widget. But if you’d like to offer this new feature to your group for the first time, simply click the “+” icon in your menu bar, and find it alongside the rest of Guestboard’s free event tools!

activating the accommodation widget

Happy planning! ?

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