Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You’ve Never Considered

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Around three years ago, a man from Florida paid over a thousand dollars for a single slice of 36 year-old wedding cake.

As anyone planning a wedding knows, wedding cakes can be quite expensive, especially as you add speciality fondant, more tiers, and gourmet fillings. But they are also a deep, traditional symbol and representation of a wedding. So it’s no wonder bride and groom-to-be’s spend so much time selecting a cake.

One way to make your cake stand out, without spending a fortune? Select an unforgettable, unique cake topper. While flowers are elegant options, stretching your creativity a bit more may make the difference between an ordinary wedding cake and an extraordinary one.

So step away from boring Mr. & Mrs. or generic flower toppers and try one of these ideas instead:

A Rustic/Barn Cake Topper:

You’ll want to capture the natural outdoor vibe and a touch of personality. Opt for wood: tree rings with laser engravings and a satin ribbon, playful carved birds, or even simple initials all fit the bill. For an extra special touch, consider serving the cake on a rustic stand.

Make an Edible Cake Topper!

True, a big downside is that you won’t have a memento to keep, but this is a playful and certainly unexpected approach that can add elegance in an unique way. For a more traditional but still unique look, opt for flowers made out of gumpaste rather than just fondant: adding a touch of metallic always is stunning. For the more adventurous, anything goes! Ask your baker for caramelized sugar, which can be designed into almost anything, from a more wild nouveau art look to delicate hearts. The warm color is also great for fall weddings. Other ideas? Fresh fruit of any kind adds a pop of color. For a bold statement, try smaller berries paired with a larger fruit, like this gold flecked ensemble from Martha Stewart.

If Religion is Important:

You can spice up a traditional ceremony/reception with a unique cake topper that has religious tones. A figurine on a praying couple, or a favorite saying or verse are all simple and traditional but more meaningful touches.

Sea/beach-themed Toppers:

If your reception will be held near a body of water, it’s not a bad idea to nod to a more nautical vibe. How you interpret that depends on the overall feel and theme of your wedding. Initials made out of knotted rope, or even a cheeky metallic anchor are great for more casual or day time receptions. Also fun but a little more formal? Model beach chairs on a “sandy beach”, seashells and faux starfish, or even something like this sweet couple-in-a-boat figurine.

Looking to Make a Big Statement?

No matter what wedding cake trend you go with, you also have the option of making the cake topper a spectacle in of itself. Sparkler wand letters will literally make sparks fly when you cut the cake. If you’re wary of actual sparklers or if your venue has restrictions, opt for gold wire with crystal gems that mimic exploding fireworks.

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